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The Vision

Bridging the gap between; Merchants, Consumers and Developers

BaapPay is a multi-layered platform which features a payment gateway, point of sale software, and our very own BaapWorld app store. We believe that as cryptocurrency adoption further penetrates businesses and the lives of consumers, there will be a point where; buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency will be a part of everyday living.


Our payment gateway is a PayPal like interface that allows merchants to collect fiat or cryptocurrency payment for their goods and services. It also accepts traditional debit or credit card payments for Brick and mortar and ecom

Merchants will also have access to our web-based point of sale system that comes free with our payment gateway. The POS will allow merchants to integrate both fiat and crypto into to sales accounting, inventory, loyalty tools and enable them to track employees, use multi locations and more much.

Our Android-based BaapWorld app store. Devs would be able to download our simple SDK to create apps utilizing our devices functionalities and consumer would get access to their favorite Android apps.



Smart Terminal - SPOS

Our smart terminal is an android-based 5.5-inch capacitive touch screen with features like GPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, built-in speaker, microphone, thermal printer, and wifi-4G capabilities. This device accepts NFC, chip, swipe payment and is EMV & PCI certified.

More Info

  • BT
  • LTC
  • ETH
  • USD
  • XRP
  • BTC
  • Android
  • EMV ready
  • 4G/Wi-Fi
  • Camera
  • Thermal Print
  • QR Code
  • Camera

Road Map

  •   2017 Q1 Research for development
  •   2017 Q2 Alpha Web App POS web based software
  •   2017 Q4 Beta Web App POS release
  •   2018 Q1 White papers 1.0
  •   2018 Q2 Web App POS release 1.1
    Fully integrated Web App POS system
  •   2018 Q3 Smart Terminal SPOS & Mobile device MPOS release
    Payment terminal integration with Web App POS
    Web app POS Google Play App & IOS App
    Will connect your phone/table to our POS & Smart Terminals
  •   2018 Q4 Cryptocurrency Wallet
    BAAP based Wallet and Customer own Private Keys Wallet
  •   2019 Q1 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway ​Alpha version
    Payment Gateway which can accept Cryptocurrency
  •   2019 Q2 Fiat Payment Gateway
    Alpha Version
  •   2019 Q3 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway
    Beta version
  •   2019 Q4 Android BaapWorld App Store
    Beta: Users can start developing apps
  •   2020 Q1 Cryptocurrency & Fiat Payment Gateway
    Release 1.0
  •   2020 Q2 Android BaapWorld App Store
    Release of BaapWorld 1.1

Our Team


Sukhpreet Singh

Founder & CEO

Successful entrepreneur, ICO and Blockchain enthusiast. Sukhpreet Singh is a early Cryptocurrency investor and successfully founded several B2C ventures. Desires to apply his extensive experience to build a  blockchain based online payment processing solution incorporating both fiat and crypto. 

Praveen Korukonda


A software expert in the banking industry, Parveen has over 12 years of IT experience. He has manganged, developed and created multiple software projects using cutting-edge technologies. Specializes in full-stack E-Commerce applications and payment gateways.


Jeremy DeBattista


Jeremy has been leading different teams to build highly-reliable software products, with a focus on the end user experience while working at Microsoft. An expert Cloud computing and full stack engineer, Jeremy is a blockchain evangelist and focus-driven coder with 11 years of IT development and Management experience.

Ivan Menalo

Cloud Architect

IT Professional and Application Developer with over 15 years of experience in a number of industries, including 8 years in the Financial space. Ivan has been at the forefront of new technologies, advising on modern workspace and high scale cloud platforms.


Duane Wright


With over 15 years of vast experience in the marketing/sales industry, Duane Oversees all of the companies marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of the business. Before coming to BaapPay, Duane was a VP of Marketing in a large media firm, who ​served as a company's main consultant in creating and implementing marketing and advertising strategies.

Lakhsmi Swathi

Software Engineer

A refined full-stack web Developer, Laksmi is always testing and attempting new ways to deal with exemplary issues making progress at each progression.


Bohdan Bershadskyi

UX UI Designer

For over 5 years, Bohdan has been working as a UX UI and web-developer. Has completed projects in different areas of business including Digital Media, eCommerce, Logistics, Educational Technologies, Software Development.


David Senos

Public Relations Director

David is a serial entrepreneur and a blockchain evangelist. Being an early adopter of Bitcoin has allowed David to become a very successful investor in various blockchain projects. His background in public relations has strengthened his natural abilities to lead groups and speak publicly.

Harsimranjeet Singh

Blockchain Developer

High qualified Front-End, Full-Stack, Database & Mobile developer, who is now focusing on blockchain technologies.




Jonathon Dunford

Jonathon is a programmer and entrepreneur at heart with a passion for cryptocurrency. He was responsible for the successful launch of multiple businesses in several different industries. He is also adept at growing companies through strategic use of technology and the web. Being an early adopter of cryptocurrency, Jonathon has built cryptocurrency arbitrage programs and successful trading bots.




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